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Hi, I’m Sarah, and I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m an award-winning soprano & voice teacher dedicated to helping singers reach their full potential as young artists.

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Sarah Hawkey, Soprano & Founder of Sarah Hawkey Voice Studio in Fairfield County, CT

learn to sing with confidence

If you’re looking for a voice teacher with world-class performance experience who has a proven track record of success helping students reach their goals, you’ve come to the right gal!  
For 15 years, I’ve been helping young singers reach their full potential as young artists, and I’d love to help your child, too!


I’m recognized as one of today’s leading vocalists & educators 



I teach the foundations of healthy, age-appropriate vocal technique



My students learn how to express their unique gift with confidence in a safe space where they can be themselves



All of my lessons are 1:1 to support your child’s unique strengths and maximize growth

Sarah Hawkey Voice Teacher Westport, CT

Lilly loves to sing. Working with Sarah builds her confidence, her love of music and most of all… gave her the courage to reach beyond her natural talent to strive for technique. When Lilly performs, we feel lucky to have shared this gift with her.”

-Stephanie, Parent

transforming voices, impacting lives

supprting students’ growth inside & out of the studio

“Since joining Sarah’s studio, my daughter has started tapping into her most authentic voice – revealing her natural sound and strengths, while developing a positive, growth mindset around her vocal potential. 

She’s learning more in the studio than just voice & performance. She’s learning resourcefulness, patience, self-awareness, and emotional maturity. Lessons have strengthened her understanding of the mind-body connection and given her tools to stay calm, present & engaged through transitions & challenges in and out of the vocal studio.”


“Both of my daughters study voice with Sarah. It’s remarkable the progress they have made & how beautiful their voices sound! Sarah is a delight to work with as a mom and my girls can’t say enough wonderful things about her. They say working with Sarah has transformed their voices.

They’ve both auditioned for schools focusing on voice and have been accepted!

Sarah is all-in and cares so much about her students. You’d be lucky to work with her!”



mentorship for young voices

I specialize in working with kids, tweens & teens, providing them with a solid foundation and nurturing their vocal development during these crucial formative years.

Lessons Focus On:

Learning healthy, age-appropriate vocal technique

Developing stage presence & acting technique

Learning in a positive, safe (and sometimes even silly) environment

Amplifying singers’ unique strengths

Singers performing at their personal best with confidence

Voice Teacher, Sarah Hawkey, in her voice studio in Weston, CY

“Sarah brought out my daughter’s talent & confidence in a way I never knew was possible.”

career highlights

If you ran into me at the Westport Trader Joe’s (highly possible!), you’d never know I’ve sung with some of the most famous orchestras & conductors in the world…

Spoiler alert, I have!

a few of my favorites are…

Debut with LA Opera in the world premiere opera "p r i s m" whose composer won the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 2019

Performances with the New York Philharmonic, Los Angeles Philharmonic, American Symphony Orchestra, and many more

Featured on PBS Great Performances, in the New York Times, and on NPR, WNYC, WQXR, and WWFM.

Sarah Hawkey Studio
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student success stories

here’s what parents & students are saying about me: 

Since I started taking lessons with Sarah, my voice has developed so much over the last two years, and so has my confidence.  A year ago, I couldn’t stand up and audition in front of only 10 people. But now I’m thinking about inviting 100 people to my recital! Sarah’s an amazing voice teacher!

Ryan, 10 years old

Taking voice lessons with Sarah helped me with getting an agent and start booking roles on kid shows. I get a lot of auditions that ask me to sing, and Sarah helps me work on those auditions.  I woudn’t have gotten the jobs I did without her.

Sydney, 11 years old

Sarah laid a solid foundation for my daughter to feel more confident in her singing. She was the first person (outside our family) my daughter ever sang to, and her boost in confidence in her talent has been remarkable, I even saw it after just a few lessons.  

Vina, Parent

“Sarah has given me the confidence and support to follow my passion further than I ever thought I could… I have noticed so many strides in my voice that I never thought were possible.”

-Chloe, 18

I have noticed how much more confident Laila is in her vocal ability. Sarah always makes the lessons fun and puts things in a really positive way which has helped Laila come out of her shell and feel super comfortable. I love how much dedication Sarah has for her craft and how she has gone above and beyond for us.

Nadine, Parent

I’ve improved my singing incredibly. I now have a bigger range than I ever thought had. Now I’m able to comfortably sing all types of music, including jazz, pop, everything! And and I’m actually doing a five week Berkeley program this summer specifically for voice, and I couldn’t have done that without Sarah. 

Rori, 16 years old

I’d love to connect with you to see how I can help your young singer this fall! Space is limited, so please get in touch now!